Who We Are

Smartfly Travel & Tourism is an online travel-tech driven company that uses a highly evolved algorithm to help you get the best real-time price for your booking. Our ultimate aim to provide instant cheap tickets at your fingers tips. In order to fulfil our aim we have introduced travel portal which scans through millions of data to get the best available offer. This way you are served the most competitive prices available. It was our aim to create a platform that would offer great experience to the masses by making travel an accessible and pleasurable experience. At present the online travel world is cluttered and the average traveller is lost in the Web World of travel portals. Smartfly Travel & Tourism realized this lacuna and has integrated Technology with Human touch to ensure that planning a Travel is easy and a pleasure too!

Why we’re the Best Choice

1. Our Mission

Our mission is to become a leading and modern travel service provider by using our algorithm which introduced scanning through the web to source the best available deal.

2. Our Vision

Our vision is to change the experience of travel services industry by introducing and applying new and modern standards in service delivery, clientele and business morals.

3. Our Core Values

Sticking to our core values and principles is one of our company’s biggest objectives. We’re serious about respect, equality & integrity in the work place.